1339 S Wood Street 60608
Mon-Sun 9:00a - 5:00p

Luxury Car Rental & Transport Services


Variety of Car Brands

At DS Luxury we offer a number of car brands. Come check out the DS fleet at our location in Chicago and test-drive the car before you rent it.


Best Rate Guarantee

At DS we pride ourselves in the high quality of service and cars we provide. You will find the best rate for all your luxury rental needs.


Amazing Customer Support

Renting a car can often be stressful and unnecessarily time consuming. Our team of professionals make the process painless and efficient so you can enjoy.


Got a big interview coming up? Or a date to impress? Come check out our fleet of luxury vehicles and test-drive it before you pick the one that fits you best. At DS Luxury, we provide a wide spectrum of rental options to meet your luxury vehicle access needs.

Transport Services

Got a client to impress? Not only do we rent out our cars, we also offer point-to-point transport services. Be picked up and transported for a seamless travel experience or to arrive in style at your next special occasion. Tell us what details you desire to make your experience as lavish as it can be. Champagne, flowers and chocolates may all be included upon request.

Short-Term Leases

Here at DS we are in the business of changing the game. We now offer custom short-term leases. There is a society surge in demand of individuals who don't want to get locked into a car long term but want to drive what they desire. A three to six month short-term car lease may be a convenient and ultra-luxurious option for you. Interested in learning more? Visit us at 1339 Wood St in Chicago or give us a call at (844) 364-GOLD.

DS Luxury Gold Membership

The DSL Gold membership program provides all the benefits of owning exotic, luxury vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars without all the requirements and hassles of ownership. As a DSL member, you will have an array of exclusive membership benefits that enhance the quality of life you worked so hard for and deserve. Contact a DSL membership specialist at (844) 364-GOLD to create a client-specific, access membership that caters to your unique corporate needs, lifestyle or budget.

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